Aqua therapy is an effective method for cardiovascular conditioning and other types of rehabilitation. Water provides a low-impact, high resistance environment for exercising which makes it ideal for strengthening muscles, bones and joints for long-term performance. Water exercises program can be initiated safely soon after the injury or recovery from surgery.


Health Center
Health Center
  Aqua Health Rehabilitation Centers are Brooklyn's
largest health centers for physical therapy and rehabilitation. Our professional staff is highly attentive and medically trained to work with a broad range of patients of all ages.
  Aqua Health Centers offer the most advanced aquatic
and land therapies available today. If you are suffering
from joint or muscle pain or stiffness from surgery,
you owe it to yourself to get the best care possible.
More than 1,000 area physicians have referred patients
of all ages to our facilities. The Centers accept workman's
compensation, auto, medical, and personal insurances.